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AI/ML powered document analytics SaaS company.

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AI is not about technology. It's about what technology enables you to do.

Through cutting-edge technology and analytics, Impactsure Technologies is revolutionising the relationship between humans, machines, and processes. We believe in creating technology-driven solutions that help people work more efficiently and happily. We digitise organisations through our proprietary AI engine SURE (Secure Unified Responsive Engine) and advanced AI, ML and NLP technologies to empower people in an organisation.


Our Products and Solutions

Our solutions help organizations manage volumes of ever-growing documents and data .We enable people to continuously adopt efficient ways to work and take decisions confidently while ensuring higher levels of accuracy and reliability.

We solve issues that are found in paper-based workflows like lower volumes of transactions, higher processing times, longer completion times, duplication of effort, and manual interventions that are prone to error.


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance institutions are looking to grow their customer base. while simultaneously improving profitability by optimizing their core functioning areas to achieve their targets. Our solutions are designed to fit into both legacy and modern IT environments allowing for easy, cost effective implementation with zero to minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.


Corporates are under pressure to go digital or perish. Corporates need to adopt the technology that is right for them rather than the latest fad. We partner with corporates to help them in their digital transformation journeys by adopting the right tools that will suit their business requirements and existing IT requirements. We help companies 'go digital' by helping them derive value from their existing infrastructure and tools and then move towards newer technologies.


It is a complex ecosystem out there. We work closely with partners to help clients do better business. and increase operational efficiencies by using the appropriate tools and solutions. We are always. looking out for the best ways to help our clients achieve exceptional digital experiences through integrations and interoperability.

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Data science has really helped our business. I am really satisfied with my data science

Mary J. Hollister Entrepreneur

It's all good. Data science saved my business. Data science is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Data science has really helped our business.

Roy Phipps Marketing Manager

You won't regret it. It's just amazing. Wow what great service, I love it! It's just amazing.

Paul N. Jeter Developer