Interpret Information. Intelligently, Insightfully. Intelligently, Insightfully.

We do more than Intelligent Document Processing. Our platform and product-based SaaS solutions automate complex paper-based business workflows while unlocking the hidden value in your documents.


Secure Unified Responsive Engine

A proven AI/ML +NLP solution that scans, processes, classifies and extracts structured and unstructured data from documents in many different formats.


AI platforms powered by SURE breaks down complex documents with unstructured data into simple tasks so that they can be processed easily by people. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you

SureMatch automates the scrutiny and vetting of complex documents by using AI and ML while ensuring enhanced compliance and faster turnaround times.

SureXtract extracts data from documents in various templates and formats accurately for deeper analysis.

SureSuite for Robotic Process Automation is an easy to implement and maintain solution to intelligently automate specific tasks within business processes. 

SureFlow for Business Process Automation is easy-to-design, modify and implement workflow solution for bank-specific processes for enterprise-grade applications.


You want to derive the maximum value from your investments in IT

Our products are designed to keep pace with your need for digital transformation.  Select what you need from our microservices-based, API-first and cloud-ready set of products so that you are in control of your budgets and timelines. 


Leading banks and financial institutions use our products for their Transaction Banking, Corporate Banking and Trade Finance workflows. 

For Corporates

Our products lend themselves to various uses in areas like - Trade finance, Logistics ,Legal & Contract Management ,Healthcare (Providers and Payers), Risk Management ,ESG compliance  Get in touch with us to know more. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


Banking Solutions

Industry Solutions